Atlas Masterclass

Kung Pow Chicken



 1. Chilli powder

2. Marinated chicken

3. Kung Pao sauce

5. Capsicum

6. Button & mixed Asian mushrooms

7. Cashew nuts

8. Spring onion

9. Rice

*Please note the egg is for night two



  1. Bring a medium put of water to the boil. 

  1. Wash the rice three times to remove the starch, boil the rice for 8 minutes in the water. 

  2. In a medium pot over a medium heat, use a splash of your preferred oil and add the chicken. The chicken is coated in a cornstarch which will create a crisp layer as it begins to cook. 

  3. Half the mushrooms and cut the capsicum into large chunks. 

  4. Once the chicken is crisp, add the mushrooms and capsicum to the pan. Give these ingredients a stir, then add the cashew nuts to the pan. 

  5. Give the spring onions a quick rinse under cold water, then slice them on an angle lengthways. Set aside as these will be used in the dish later. 

  6. Give the contents of the pan a stir to give an even colour. 

  7. Using a knife, cut a slit along one side of the leaves of the spring onion. Open them up, stack them and roll the leaves up. Slice them as thinly as possible and set aside to use as garnish. 

  8. Pull apart the enoki mushrooms, add them to the pan along with the sliced whites of the spring onion. Add the pre-made sauce to the pan and toss to combine. 

  9. To plate up, add a bed of rice to the plate then add the Kung Pow chicken mixture on top. Garnish with leftover cashew nuts, shredding spring onion and a sprinkle of provided chilli powder. 



Vegetarian: Blanched mushrooms rolled in five spice starch are provided. Cook them in a pan as per the recipe. As the mushrooms are pre-cooked they won’t take long and will crisp up nicely.

No nuts: Leave out the cashew nuts.

For downloadable pdf version, click here.