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Choose from a range of simple & delicious recipes, made by Melbourne's 1 Hat restaurant Atlas Dining.

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Dish 1: Chicken katsu bento box with sesame beans, rice and pickled radishes
Dish 2: Japanese beef barbecue with pumpkin, charred spring onions and apple
Dish 3: Mushroom udon soup with enoki tempura and Chinese broccoli
Dish 4: Aburi Salmon sushi handrolls or rice bowl

*Please note 3 meal option will receive dish 1-3 and 4 meal option will receive 1-4


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A message from our head chef

At Atlas Masterclass we make traveling the world from your home kitchen possible.

Our passionate culinary team takes the hard work and guesswork out of weeknight dinners. We provide you with all the ingredients delivered to your door weekly and access to step-by-step photo recipe cards.

Our mission is to bring the emotions of travel and adventure to everyday life for our customers. We aim to give you the confidence and the tools to explore all the incredible flavours from around the world.

Charlie Carrington
Head Chef / Atlas Masterclass / Atlas Dining (One Hat)