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Night one: Butter chicken, chaat masala almonds, basmati rice (gf)
Night two: Lamb seekh kebabs, roti, mint and yogurt chutney (nf)
Night three: Diwali celebration - rajma chawal (kidney beans), paneer, silverbeet date & tamarind chutney & Diwali sweets 


Night one: Butter paneer, chaat masala almonds, basmati rice 
Night two: Soy seekh kebabs, roti, mint and yogurt chutney 
Night three: Diwali celebration - rajma chawal (kidney beans), paneer, silverbeet date & tamarind chutney & Diwali sweets 

 ** gf = gluten free, nf = nut free, df = dairy free 


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A message from our head chef

At Atlas Masterclass we make traveling the world from your home kitchen possible.

Our passionate culinary team takes the hard work and guesswork out of weeknight dinners. We provide you with all the ingredients delivered to your door weekly and access to step by step tutorial videos.

Our mission is to bring the emotions of travel and adventure to everyday life for our customers. We aim to give you the confidence and the tools to explore all the incredible flavours from around the world.

Charlie Carrington
Head Chef / Atlas Masterclass / Atlas Dining (One Hat)



So delicious, generous and fun with the boxes using very high quality ingredients. Charlie and his team are fabulous. The weekly boxes have restored my passion for cooking and I am loving the global journeys every week.

– Judy

I've been in a bit of a cooking hole for a while. Doubting my ability to make anything other than the usual staples. With a virtual hand from you i can now get back into cooking with more adventurous recipes. It is all delicious and very easy!

– Bron

We have a 15 and 13 year old who have been loving the boxes, with the 15 year old taking over the cooking on Atlas nights! The boxes have been a huge win for us.

– Alicia

The boxes have brought excitement and variety to our family dinners each week. Bringing us all together over delicious, fresh, and filling meals and we are always eager to find out what cuisines are coming next! And the cherry on top — savings! Restaurant style food at great prices.

– Katie

Delivery availability

Our delivery network covers 85% of Victoria, New South Wales and ACT. Orders placed before 5pm Thursday are delivered the following week.

Your weekly cooking lesson

Video cooking tutorials with our head chef Charlie Carrington are available for each recipe, as well as a live Q&A on our Instagram each Wednesday at 6:15pm. 

simple recipes, restaurant quality meals

Our semi-prepped ingredient boxes offer restaurant quality meals for even an entry level cook. Our meals are guaranteed to be ready in under 30 minutes.