China - Sat 23 - Tues 26 Oct



Dish 1: Roasted Chicken with ATLAS Sweet and Sour Glaze, Roasted Turnips, Toasted Cashews and Turnip Leaf and Carrot Salad
Dish 2: ATLAS Dan Dan Sauce with Crispy Beef, Wheat Noodles, Charred Broccolini, Crispy Peanuts and Shallots
Dish 3: Tempura Cauliflower Bao Buns with ATLAS Chinese Five Spice, Hoisin and Fresh Vegetables and Stir Fried Wombok
Dish 4: Steamed Barramundi with ATLAS Soy, Black Vinegar and Chilli Dressing with Fresh Ginger, Steam Gai Lan and Garlic Fried Rice

*Please note 3 meal option will receive dish 1-3 and 4 meal option will receive 1-4


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