Chicken tamales, Mexican salad, Guacamole, Mole sauce



 1. Spiced masa flour 

2. Mole sauce

3. Peanuts 



 1. Chicken mince 

2. Cabbage

3. Radish

4. Coriander (1/3 of the coriander provided)

5. Avocado (2/3 of the avocado provided)

6. Red onion 

7. Tomato 

8. Lime (1/2 of the lime provided)



 1. To make the dough, combine four parts pre-spiced masa flour with one part water. The dough should have a spreadable, hummus-like texture.

2. Using a spatula, mix the masa through the chicken mince. Fill each corn husk with the mixture, wrapping the edges to create a parcel. Fold the bottom edge of the husk to stop parcels from 


3. Steam parcels for 10 minutes - you want them to be firm to the touch. The masa will separate easily from the husks once cooked through, this is when you know they are ready. 

4. Slice the cabbage and the radish as finely as possible. Then mix through in a bowl with some chopped coriander and a squeeze of lime. 

5. In a fresh bowl, mix the chopped avocado with diced red onion, tomato and coriander. Season with salt and lime and reserve. 

6. In a small saucepan, heat the mole sauce and keep on the side. 

7. To present the dish, place the tamales in the husks on a plate. Spoon over the mole and sprinkle some crumbled peanuts on top. Plate the cabbage salad and the guacamole next to it. 



Vegetarian/vegan: Pre-prepared corn tamales mixture is provided, use as per the recipe. 

Pescatarian: Pre-prepared fish tamales mixture is provided, use as per the recipe. 

No nuts: Nut-free mole mixture is provided, use as per the recipe. 

For downloadable pdf version, click here.