Lemongrass chicken, rice, pickles, peanut crumble



1. Marinated chicken

2. Ginger salad dressing

3. Pickled carrot & daikon salad

4. Peanut crumble

5. Rice



1. Vietnamese mint

2. Egg



1. Wash all the vegetables thoroughly and let them air dry.

2. In a cold non-stick pan on a medium heat, place the chicken thighs skin side down. You want to bring the thighs to a beautiful golden colour, so using tongs, continue to check the skin colour as you are cooking. The duration from cold to cooked is about 8 minutes. If you’re not sure, use a knife to slice through a small section to ensure it’s cooked through. You’ll be able to see the fibres come apart if you pull it with a fork - this means it’s cooked. 

3. Put the rice in a sift, run the tap and wash if under cold water until the water turns clear. This process removes most of the starch and will give you perfect, fluffy rice every time. 

4. Bring a pot of lightly salted water to the boil then add the rice, leaving it on a high boil. The rice should be ready in about 9 minutes. Once the rice is cooked put it back into the sift and leave it aside to rest, letting the steam evaporate. (Please leave a two-cm gap at the top of the pot when boiling to stop the starch from rising.)

5. Strain away any liquid left from the pre-prepared pickle and then mix into a bowl with the daikon, carrot, shallots and Vietnamese mint.

6. Once the chicken is cooked remove it from the pan and place on a chopping board to rest, removing the ginger, shallots and lemongrass. In the same pan (wipe it out) use a touch of oil on high heat to fry four eggs, making sure they remain runny. Once they are cooked, portion an egg on top of each serving of chicken on the chopping board.

7. To present the dish use a spoon to place the rice in a mound on the plate. Follow on with the pickled salad next to it and placing the chicken and egg on the plate. Drizzle over some of the dressing and sprinkle peanut crumble generously.



Vegetarian/vegan/no seafood: Replace the chicken with salted daikon and tofu. For the dressing, find a vegan fish sauce replacement that is made with soybeans. You can also remove the egg and add use a little more dressing.

No nuts: Use a seed instead, for example sunflower seeds. 

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