Atlas Masterclass

Lamb pita, hummus, israeli salad, pickles



1. Lamb leg pieces

2. Fresh pita bread

3. Hummus, home-made by Atlas

4. Tahini (you’ll also use this again tomorrow night)

5. Shawarma spice mix (you’ll also use this again tomorrow night)



1. Cucumber

2. Onion

3. Tomato



1. Remove the lamb leg pieces out from the packet and slice them as thinly as you desire. Massage some salt into each piece, then do the same with a pinch of the shawarma spice mix.

2. To prepare the Israeli salad, peel and finely dice the white onion (if you prefer a milder onion flavour soak the diced onion in cold water for 5-10 minutes and strain prior to assembling the salad). Next,dice the cucumber and tomato, ensuring it is small enough to fit into the pita easily.

3. Mix the salad ingredients together, then season them with salt, olive oil and black pepper.4. Using a non-stick pan on high heat, sear off the lamb in small amounts at a time. It is important notto overpopulate the pan, as this will cause the meat to boil - we want it to caramelise.

5. Cut the pickles into four, length ways. Cut 2cm off the top of each pita and using a knife, carefully release any of the inside dough that may be stuck.

6. Generously lather in our signature homemade hummus along one inside wall of each pita - we liketo use a spoon for this. If using a knife, take care not to pierce the sides.

7. Continue to cook the lamb and season it generously. If it seems the pieces are sticking to the pan use a little oil to loosen it up. Once all the lamb is cooked, season it to taste with salt or spice mix.

8. To build your pitas, start with a spoonful of Israeli salad, then two pickle pieces standing vertically (this ensured you get some with each mouthful!). Next, add the lamb in and drizzle some tahini on top. Garnish as you please - we recommend some dill from night three’s ingredients.