20 MIN


Serving amount:
  • Soba noodles
  • 1 ATLAS togarashi pack
  • 1 ATLAS miso & sake sauce
  • 1 Japanese pumpkin piece
  • 1 eggplant
  • 1 cucumber
  • 1 snow peas bag
  • 1 spring onion bunch*

Pantry staples Cooking oil, salt, soy (optional)

Allergens: Wheat, sesame, gluten

Specialised equipment: Barbecue or char grill pan, sieve, absorbent paper

Chef's note: Miso is a traditional Japanese ingredient produced by fermenting soybeans with salt and koji (a very special fungus). It provides ‘umami’ to Japanese dishes - the word used to describe savouriness. 

* Spring onion may be split across various dishes so make sure you read each recipe carefully before you begin cooking.


1. Prepare the eggplant

Preheat char grill pan or barbecue to high. Slice the eggplant into 1.5 cm rounds, sprinkle with a little salt and set aside for 10 minutes while you prepare the other ingredients. Wash the salt off the eggplant slices and pat dry with absorbent paper or a tea towel.

2. Prepare the other ingredients

Wash the vegetables. Cut the pumpkin into 1cm slices. Use 1 spring onion* per person. Separate the spring onion whites, cut into 5cm pieces. Thinly slice the spring onion greens on a diagonal. Cut the cucumber in half and then into 5mm matchstick sized pieces. Thinly slice the snow peas lengthways.

3. Char the spring onion whites

Place the spring onion whites directly onto the grill and cook for 5 minutes, turning often, or until charred and tender.

4. Cook the pumpkin and eggplant

Lightly oil the pumpkin and eggplant slices and place onto the preheated grill with the spring onion. Cook, in batches, for 3 minutes each side or until the vegetables are cooked. 

5. Cook the soba and snow peas

Meanwhile, bring a saucepan of salted water to the boil. Add the soba, stir, and cook for 5 minutes or until cooked through. Add the snow peas for the last 10 seconds. Strain through a sieve and cool under running water.

6. Make the charred onion soba salad

Combine the soba, snow peas, cucumber, charred spring onion and some of the spring onion greens. Stir through a spoon of the miso and sake sauce and soy sauce to taste (optional).

7. To serve

Arrange the pumpkin and eggplant around the serving plates. Place the charred onion soba noodle salad in the middle. Drizzle with the remaining miso and sake sauce. Sprinkle with the togarashi and remaining spring onion greens.