Serving amount:
  • Beef rump
  • 1 ATLAS chifa soy & five spice sauce tub
  • 1 green capsicum
  • 2 sweet potatoes
  • 1 tomato
  • 1 red onion
  • 1 garlic clove*
  • 1 coriander bunch*

Pantry staples Cooking oil, salt 

Allergens: Soy, onion, garlic, wheat, gluten 

Specialised equipment: Lined baking tray, wok (optional) 

Chef's note: Chifa is the name given to the Chinese cuisine of Peru which was born from Chinese immigrants settling in Peru in the late 19th Century. Lomo Saltado is one of Peru’s most loved Chifa dish combining the contributions of the Chinese (soy sauce, cooking in a wok) and the traditions of Peru (potatoes and chillies). 

* Coriander and garlic are to be split across other dishes so please read each recipe carefully. 


1. Cook the potatoes and marinate the beef 

Always read the recipe in full before you begin. Preheat the oven to 190C fan forced. Wash the vegetables. Cut the sweet potato into wedges. Coat the sweet potato wedges in cooking oil and a little salt and place on a lined baking tray. Cook in the preheated oven for 20 minutes or until softened. Slice the beef into 1cm thick slices. Combine the beef slices with the chifa sauce. 

2. Prepare the remaining ingredients 

Meanwhile, cut the onion and tomato into thin wedges. Thinly slice 1 garlic clove* per 2 people. Pick some of the coriander leaves*. Cut the capsicum into batons. 

3. Sear the beef 

When the sweet potatoes are about 10 minutes away from finishing, start cooking the beef. Heat a splash of oil in a frying pan or wok over medium-high heat. Add the beef (reserving the marinade) and cook for 2 minutes, turning halfway, or until seared. 

4. Add the vegetables 

Add the onion and cook for 1 minute or until it starts to soften. Add the capsicum, tomato and garlic and cook for a further 2 minutes or until softened. 

5. Add the marinade 

Add the reserved marinade and cook for 1 minute, stirring often, or until the sauce thickens and coats the ingredients. 

6. To serve 

Divide the lomo saltado and roasted sweet potato between serving plates. Top with the coriander leaves. Mix everything together before you take the first bite.