BBQ burger, potato roll, coleslaw, zucchini fries




Beef mince

Barbecue Sauce

Potato rolls

White cabbage



White onion


Allergens: Wheat, gluten, dairy, sesame, onion, garlic

Pantry staples: Cooking oil, salt, vinegar: white wine, red wine or apple cider (optional)

Specialised equipment: Lined baking tray



1. Preheat the oven to 180C fan forced.

2. Prepare the vegetables: Wash all the vegetables. Shave or thinly slice the cabbage. Grate the carrot. Thinly slice the onion. Cut the zucchini into 1cm thick slices, then further cut them into 1cm thick chip size slices.

3. Make the zucchini fries: Place the zucchini in a bowl with a splash of oil and a sprinkle of salt and mix well. Place the fries onto a lined baking tray in a single layer. Cook in the preheated oven for 10 minutes, turning once, or until browned all over.

4. Make the coleslaw: Place the cabbage and carrot in a bowl, sprinkle with a little salt and drizzle with a little vinegar (optional). Mix well to combine.

5. Cook the burger: Divide the beef mince into portions (one per person). Lightly oil the cut side of the halved burger buns and brown the cut side lightly on the frying pan (or flat grill).  Place the burger into the frying pan (or flat grill) over high heat. Press to flatten using a small saucepan lid or spatula. Sprinkle with some salt. Cook until brown on both sides.

6. To serve: Divide the buns between serving dishes. Top with the beef patty, barbecue sauce, onion slices and the coleslaw. Serve with the zucchini fries.


For downloadable pdf version, click here.