Sri Lanka - Sun 20 - Mon 21 Feb



Dish 1: Lamb Mince Curry with ATLAS Spice Paste, Carrot and Capsicum Sambol and Coconut and Lime Rice
Dish 2: Baked Chicken Breast with ATLAS Spiced Yoghurt Marinade, Eggplant and Cucumber Pickle and Basmati Rice
Dish 3: Potato, Coconut and Turmeric Curry with Roasted Cashews and Broccoli Mallung
Dish 4: Coconut Spiced Barramundi Bake with Roti, Coriander Chutney and Radish Sambol 

*Please note 3 meal option will receive dish 1-3 and 4 meal option will receive 1-4. Images are in order. 


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